We work to match our job candidates with quality temporary and temporary to permanent jobs that can assist in enhancing one’s financial well-being.

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Consistent and adequate income from a job is likely to ease one ’s immediate financial stress; however, a job alone does not lead to long-term financial well-being. For this, households need to improve all areas of their household balance sheet by increasing income and credit scores, building savings and assets, and decreasing expenses and debt.

Here at WorkSquare we provided the resources necessary to help our employees build prosperity. Through our WealthWi$e Program, our employees have access to an award winning online financial education program as well as in person or virtual financial coaching that assists employees in a variety of areas such as asset building, household budgeting, debt management, and credit improvement services. The goal of WealthWi$e to empower our employees in achieving a life of purpose by working towards financial stability.

Because of WorkSquare, I have access to temporary job opportunities that are flexible and allow me to work and take care of my family ... The free tax prep offered to me came in very handy this year as I was audited by the IRS. WorkSquare eased my worries and assisted me through this process while never charging me. For that, I am very grateful.
— Dorolyn, Employee

What We've Achieved

  • Development of the WealthWi$e Program that combines online financial education, financial coaching, and asset building services to enhance financial stability for employees.

  • Prioritizing temporary to permanent jobs where employees are placed on the quickest path possible to long term job prospects with increased income and benefits for individuals and families.

  • Creation of a Free Tax Preparation site with assistance from an IRS certified tax preparer and software ensuring tax returns are completed accurately with the maximum refund allowable.    

  • Establishment of a partnership with the premier digital learning company, EverFi, to provide quality online financial education at scale to all of our current and former employees as part of WealthWi$e.