WorkSquare in Muses & Visionaries


WorkSquare was proud to be featured in the December/January 2015 issue of Muses & Visionaries magazine. Each month the editorial staff of Muses & Visionaries “raises a glass” to a business or community leader working to change the world for the better and, in this winter edition, it was our turn!

The magazine profiles WorkSquare’s Founder and Chair, Vanessa Bartram, and her journey to start a recruiting and staffing firm that would provide a path to financial stability for low-wage workers in Miami and beyond. From day one, WorkSquare was founded with the belief that hard work should pay off, turning into better access to opportunity and a brighter financial future.

We live this mission daily through our staffing and education — temporary-to-permanent assignments that allow workers to demonstrate work ethic and reliability to potential employers, and financial education designed to make workers more stable individuals and even better employees for our employers.

So join us in raising a glass to WorkSquare’s team and to our incredible community of workers and employers who have helped turn our vision for a better tomorrow into a reality. And check out the article in the Muses & Visionaries digital issue (page 124)!

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