We’re B Corp Re-Certified and Better than Ever!


See this fancy Certified B Corporation seal? Bigger and better than ever? That’s because WorkSquare has re-certified as a B Corp for yet another term, earning our place among companies like Patagonia, Warby Parker, Revolution Foods, Method, and a whole host of others using business to make this planet a better place.

And what’s more? We scored higher than ever. Check out our report card here. The bigger and better score reflects the fact that we at WorkSquare scratch our heads on a near daily basis to see how we can continually improve upon how we’re providing employees meaningful job opportunities and financial education, how we’re serving our clients transparently and with integrity, and how we’re generally working to make our community and our environment a better place.

Why do we think B Corp is important? Lots of companies say that they do good in the world. But only some of us can actually prove it. A rigorous audit by an independent third party makes sure we and you know that we’re living up to our great reputation for changing the world. As the New York Times says, B Corp is the “new yardstick for socially conscious companies”.

Want to see the impact that your company is having on the world? Take the B Impact Assessment. It’s free. And over 20,000 companies worldwide are using it to measure, track, and improve their social and environmental performance. If you’re a top performer like us, you might even get a B Corp seal of your own.

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