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The old adage remains true: knowledge is power. And, at WorkSquare, we know that the power to achieve professional and personal goals is rooted in being “money smart”. This is why our Money Smart financial education is a critical piece in changing the way our employees view their careers and their futures. Our goal at WorkSquare is to secure jobs for our employees and to improve their reliability by empowering them with financial knowledge.

Money Smart, the name of WorkSquare’s financial training, equips employees with practical budgeting and money skills. The training helps employees set money and personal goals, while educating them on the financial tools and skills they need to reach those objectives. Activities include creating a budget, understanding the importance of emergency savings, learning the differences between credit unions and banks, and managing credit.

Marie Fernandez, WorkSquare’s Staffing Coordinator and Money Smart Trainer encourages employees to create a budget with “S.M.A.R.T. financial goals” as in specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time bound goals.

“Let’s figure out what your financial goals are and how you’re going to reach them because it’s all about budgeting,” said Fernandez, during a training.

Fernandez also provides easy tips on rebuilding credit. Click on the picture below to see a video clip of the Money Smart Training. Fernandez lays out what it takes to maintain a healthy bank account.:


Kendesi, a WorkSquare employee, eagerly attended the Money Smart Training and was struck by the idea of saving his earnings. In less than three months of working in event planning and serving jobs through WorkSquare, Kendesi saved over $2500. He then started a legacy of savings for his four-year old daughter.

“This is what WorkSquare’s Money Smart training did for me,” he said.  “I was able to send money to my daughter for her birthday which made me feel awesome. I told my daughter’s mother to use some for her expenses and to put the rest in a savings account. At four years old, no one did that for me. My financial training at WorkSquare is making an impact in my daughter’s life.”

We are proud that our employees are taking advantage of the Money Smart training and implementing their learning to improve their financial lives. We know they are reevaluating the way they save, budget and view their credit scores. And we see every day that becoming “money smart” equips employees to become more reliable workers, more confident professionals, and better able to build a financial legacy for themselves and their families. Knowledge will always be power, but WorkSquare employees know that real empowerment means putting that knowledge into action for a brighter financial future.

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