Celebrating Our Team as “Best for the World”


As the Founder of WorkSquare, I am proud to announce that our incredible team has just been named “Best for the World” by B Lab, the leading ratings organization for social impact businesses. To me, this award signifies the hard work and commitment of our team and today, I want to celebrate them.

See, here at WorkSquare, we have a lot of people to celebrate every day.

We celebrate the workers who get hired into great permanent jobs by our clients by taking their picture and putting them on our “Wall of Fame.” We thank them by giving them a Starbucks gift card for being such fantastic workers and making us look good.

We celebrate job seekers who, having graduated from WorkSquare’s financial training, have the newfound confidence to open a bank account for the first time or begin meeting with a financial coach to repair bad credit.

We celebrate all of our employees who know that a new job is about much more than just collecting a paycheck. All of our employees know that WorkSquare is a fresh start to better work and money habits, a first step to setting and meeting their work and financial goals. Celebrating their many successes – permanent jobs, meeting savings goals, achieving financial independence – is what we’re lucky enough to do every day.

With all of our celebrating of our employees, we sometimes forget to celebrate ourselves. But last week, B Lab did it for us. They announced that WorkSquare’s team had won their 2014 “Best for the World” award meaning that we scored in the top ten percent of B Corporations worldwide who are making a significant impact within their community.

So today I want to celebrate WorkSquare’s team.

Their endless hours of providing financial training and one-on-one attention to our employees. Their incredible dedication and service to our employers to recruit just the right candidates for their teams. Their limitless faith in the many job-seekers who come through our doors needing someone to believe in them and give them a shot at success. Their awesome conviction that business has an important role to play in making the world a better place.

I am deeply grateful to WorkSquare’s team for their work and to B Lab for recognizing the impact that we’re making. What an honor to be part of this powerful movement!

Vanessa Bartram
WorkSquare Founder

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