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"From the moment I stepped into the office I felt welcomed! Worksquare worked with me one-on-one to find the perfect job that not only fit my financial needs but also my passion for hospitality! After a few months of being placed with an employer I was promoted to a management position! I am so thankful and happy that I chose Worksquare!"






“On my daughter’s birthday, I sent her money. I told her to use some for her survival and to put the rest in a savings account. No one ever did that for me. My financial training at WorkSquare is making an impact in my daughter’s life.”




“Worksquare taught me how to manage my income, which led to an amazing vacation and the purchase of a new car. These accomplishments were possible with the help of the financial education class that I received when I first started working for this amazing company.”




“I was scared to work with hiring agencies but WorkSquare changed my mind. They were quick to respond and I could tell they cared about me.  I was working within a few days and hired permanently two weeks later.”





John Paul

“You are all amazing at what you do. I never imagined that working with an agency would be so easy and be so successful for me. I was offered a permanent position and am transitioning into a role with more responsibilities. My job is fulfilling and makes me feel proud. Thank you very much for the opportunity.”

John Paul



“When times were rough and jobs scarce, WorkSquare became a ray of hope and a great opportunity to getting back on my feet financially. I personally want to thank WorkSquare and their staff for their great work.”





Logistics, Manufacturing, Assembly, Forklift, Material Handling, Quality Control, Shipping/Receiving, Production, etc.


Housekeeping, Pool & Beach, Front Office, Food & Beverage, Stewarding, Culinary, Accounting, Engineering, Security, Storeroom, and more.


Administrative Assistants, Reception, Data Entry, Customer Service, Call Center Inbound & Outbound, Accounting, etc.


IT Help Desk, Networking, Systems Admin & Engineering, Technical Support, Application & Software Development, Programming, and more


Caregiver, CNA, Medical Assistant, Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Patient Care Technician, Physician Assistant, etc.


Line Cooks, Prep Cooks, Stewarding, Cashiers, Banquet Servers, Bartenders, Dishwashers, Event Setup, and more


  • “We have been using Work Sqaure for about 4 years and not once have I been disappointed. I try to give them a couple months to round up the personnel I need (normally about 35 people for a 10 hour day once a year)but even the year I forgot and contacted him a couple weeks before our event they scrambled and found me the bodies I needed. Ian has been my contact since I first reached out to them and he has been nothing short of phenomenal. We typically ask for a supervisor or two to keep the rest of the crew hustling. They are a little more than the price per hour for the other individuals we get from WF but I feel very worth it. I would recommend WorkSquare to anyone in need of temporary labor.”

    Team Footworks

    JP Huseby, General Manager & Assistant Race Director

  • “My experience with WorkSquare has been exceptional at all times! They are professional, understanding of the hospitality business and a pleasure to do business with, the staff selection process they have is great, their employees proudly represent their company and the company they work with, and every one of them has a wonderful attitude and is willing to go the extra mile at work. The best employees I have ever worked with. I will continue to do business with WorkSquare for as long as I can and will definitely recommend them as the best temp labor company to work with and for.”

    Shelborne Wyndham Grand Hotel, South Beach

    Nathaniel Morciego, Director of Housekeeping

  • “WorkSquare has always exceeded my expectations when it comes to my staffing needs. WorkSquare takes time to learn and understand our company concepts and our needs. They source highly motivated and qualified employees based on our company culture. Their responsiveness, flexibility and professionalism are refreshing. I highly recommend WorkSquare and I look forward to refer to WorkSquare again for any future staffing needs.”

    The Angler’s South Beach, A Kimpton Hotel

    Jacqueline Ploettner, General Manager



A Company On A Mission

WorkSquare is not just an ordinary staffing company. We are a company on a mission. And that mission is to empower our employees to improve their financial wellbeing.

What does financial well-being look like? For some people, it may mean getting out of debt or building a credit score. For others, it means saving up for a car or more education. The point is, it’s up to you. We are here to help you determine your goal and get you on a path to achieve it.

The way we do this is through our WealthWi$e financial education program. WealthWi$e is a three-level program designed to help you, our WorkSquare employees, get a better hold of your personal finances. This program combines online learning, personal financial coaching, and rewards to make your learning process exciting and keep you moving towards your financial goals!

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We Are Always Hiring

WorkSquare is always looking for skilled, motivated individuals to join our talented team for opportunities in a multitude of industries.
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